Thanks to the many volunteers and hours and hours and hours of hard work by volunteers on the Big Dig at Ingles Field during Pisgah Pride Day!  Thanks to the Pisgah Conservancy, literally tons of rock was purchased and delivered near the site.  Thanks to the advanced work by some PASORBA trail crew leaders, the rock was in place ready to be used to armor the trail and reverse the erosion that has occurred.  The volunteers dug in!  It was an amazing day and I would estimate we raised the trail tread at lease a foot, rebuilt some much needed drains and hopefully slowed down the erosion the trail has been suffering from.  A lot of the improvements were designed to keep users on the trail and eliminate the widening of the trail by users going off the tread.  It was an amazing day of work.  The volunteers were amazing and with a crew of less than 20 we did a complete rebuild on a portion of the trail that was heavily eroded.  Thank you everyone for all you did!

Shuttling rock