On June 19th from 5 – 7 pm, Team Tuesday worked on drains on Bennett Gap Trail.  Pisgah Area SORBA led a Big Dig on Bennett on Saturday and reclaimed a section that had become as wide as a road and turned it back into singletrack.  The group walked by a lot of drains that needed cleared so Team Tuesday got to work and opened quite a few.

We had a great time.  The three women on the crew clearly out performed the men.  When the woman’s crew caught up to the men,  one of them was working and the other two were watching.  They called it training but we were not convinced.

Afterwards we gathered at Magpies and enjoyed a wonderful meal and refreshments.  We put in 12 hours of trail work on a trail that need more than 10 times that.

The forest service does not have the funding or staff to maintain trails. If we don’t do it we can lose access to them.  Bennett is suffering from erosion and folks widening the trails.  It is one of many trails suffering.

Trails don’t fix themselves and the forest service doesn’t have the capacity to do it.  They have given us the opportunity to keep them open.

Team Tuesday meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month and there are numerous other opportunities to wo