We had our best showing yet for trail work on Bennett during our Team Tuesday evening work sessions.  Team Tuesday meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month and works from 5 pm to 7 pmish.  We gather for a social afterwards.   On July 17th, we started hiking up to a wide spot in the trail in the pouring rain.  What a crew!  Soon after arriving at the spot we were going to work on, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  Our goal was to bring the spot back to singletrack trail.  The trail gets a lot of use and folks keep making it wider.

Note:  Please stay on the trail tread when riding.

We scoped out the line we wanted to keep and got to work benching it.  Once that was defined we began closing the rest of the trail.  Many thanks to the folks who showed up and shared their thoughts and ideas on the line to keep and pitched in and made it happen.

Have an idea?  Join us and bring them on and share them with a tool in your hand.

Photo courtesy of Tricia Davis