Leave no trace. Do not ride muddy trails as this causes rutting, widening, and maintenance issues. Ride through standing water, not around it. Ride (or walk) technical features, not around them as this causes widening of the trail.
Share the trail. Our actions on the trails today directly impact our access to trails in the future. Please ride responsibly in order to ensure that mountain bikers are able to maintain access to the trails we know and love. Mountain bikers yield to horses and foot traffic. Descending riders yield to climbing riders. The “yield triangle” has been formally adopted by land managers since the late 1970’s and is a significant reason we have the access we do. Be nice..say hi!
Ride open, legal trails only. Please respect our relationship with landowners. Poaching trails and/or building illegal singletrack is detrimental to our access. The best way to obtain and maintain access is to be respectful of all involved.
Ride in control. Most all of the trails we ride are multi-use trails. If you need to pass, slow down, announce yourself, and wait until the other user is safely out of the path. Use extra caution around horses, which may be easily spooked by your presence. Slow or stop and communicate with the rider for everyone’s safety.  Use extra caution when riding trails with blind corners and poor sight lines.</