The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) has been awarding grants to Pisgah Area SORBA since 2013. This federal program has been established to pay for the construction of new trails, maintain and repair existing trails as well as acquire land and other costs associated with motorized and non-motorized trail systems. The US Dept of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration funds the grants.  In North Carolina, applications are reviewed by the North Carolina Trails Committee and recommendations are made to the Secretary of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The Secretary makes the final determination on grant awards.

Since 2009 there have been 233 trail projects funded totalling over $19 million.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of a few folks here at Pisgah Area SORBA we have been awarded over $528,000 in RTP grants since 2013.

RTP is a reimbursement grant program. Funds must be spent and then reimbursed upon completion of deliverables. The non-profit is also responsible for 25% of the project, which can be paid with cash or sweat equity. PAS is liable for a total of $132,000 for all of the grants to date.

Every volunteer hour put into a project that has been awarded a grant is worth a dollar value (depending on the y