Do you love the trails in the region, have a little extra time to get involved, but perhaps don’t want to swing a tool or organize a trail day?

Fear not!  There is a way you can help our 100% volunteer organization!

We are looking for a SWAG MASTER, and don’t worry you don’t need to be able to dance, but that might come in handy at one of the Chapter Meetings!

What does a SWAG MASTER do?  Here are the main duties, but pretty much the skies the limit. Got a cool idea? Bring it to the Board of Directors and you can get that Swag made and out to the masses. We are looking for a creative person who thinks outside the box! It would be best if you lived in Brevard, Asheville or Hendersonville.

Main Duties Required:

-house and keep an inventory of current stock of T-shirts, socks, pint glasses, jersey’s, hats and stickers.

-mail online sales of shirts/socks/jerseys (postage and envelopes provided)

-help out in getting SWAG to our events to sell in person (you don’t have to be at every event- unless you want to :)

-make sure our partnering bike shops in the area are fully stocked with PAS shirts for fundraising and furthering our cause of trail love.

-be involved in design/decision making for future SWAG purchases.

Does any of this sound interesting? Do you or your team want to take this on? Email our President Matt or Community Engager Tricia for details: