Pisgah Area SORBA Chapter Meeting Minutes:

Date: August 10th, 2020

Location: Google Virtual Meeting


Board Members Present: Matt Leach, Abby Landry, Sonya Tomes, Chad Davis, Jack Henderson, Jared Hartman, Mike Gaffney, Rick Houck, Matt Leach

BOD not present: 

Other Attendees: N/A for Chapter meetings

Matt Holzencamp, Jonathan Landry, Matthew Sharpe, Tom Tomaka


President Report:

  • Grant / RTP Updates
    • COVID-19 has slowed this process 
  • BOD positions
    • Matt Leach will be replaced as President
    • Sonya Tomes will be replaced as membership director
    • Craig is proposed to become President, Abby as Vice President
      • secretary position will need to be replaced
      • BOD positions will be voted on at December chapter meeting and must be published 30 days before the vote
    • Do we have position descriptions documented?
  • Executive Director Funding
    • Mat