Date: September 14th, 2020

Location: Virtual via Google Meet

Board Members Present: Matt Leach, Sonya Tomes, Jared Hartman, Allen Frost, Rick Houck, Mike Gaffney, Jack Henderson, Craig Ruhland, Abby Landry

Board Members not present: Chad Davis

Other Attendees: Matt Sharpe, Jonathan Landry


President Report:

  • What’s 2021 look like?

    • Matt presented a PPT detailing the organization structure, meeting structure, goals and issues to work on moving forward

  • Next step on RTPs:  Avery closeout and Black Mountain Re-Route

    • All docs have been submitted to state

      • Matt did receive an email and he has some loose ends to take care of but should expect money in next 30-40 days

    • BM:

      • NEPA is just waiting on Natives to give their blessing to go ahead

        • Once this step is complete, contacting and choosing a builder will be next process

        • At this point, no details on the NEPA can change

      • Craig, Jack and Jared are having riding Butter and BM on Sept. 22 to discuss trail projects after BM

  • BOD Changes – Nominations received: Craig Ruhland for President, Abby Landry for VP Jared Hartman for Trail Crew Coordinator, Scott Grainger Membership Director.  We still need a Secretary and?