Date: November 9th, 2020

Location: Virtual via Google Meet

Board Members Present: Abby Landry, Craig Ruhland, Jack Henderson, Jared Hartman, Mike Gaffney, Sonya Tomes, Rick Houck, Matt Leach

Board Members not present: Allen Frost

Other Attendees: Rachel Kelleher, Seth Alvo, Tom Tomaka

President Report (Matt Leach):

  • LOI with Diamondback (Guest Speaker Local YouTube MTB rep)
    • Guest shared the story behind Chestnut Mountain and gave the board some background about how and why PAS should be involved.
      • asking PAS to be the non profit pass through for taking donations and paying Elevated Trail Designs(ETD) for the Blue Trail at Chestnut Mountain
      • PAS responsibilities would be to disburse funds to ETD when requested throughout the build of the trails
      • The trails would ultimately be owned by the City of Canton
      • The proposed timeline is break ground on April 1, 2020 and open park by Fall 2020
      • After hearing from guest and the board asking questions, we signed off by letting him know that we would like to do some more due