Date: January 11th, 2020

Location: Virtual via Google Meet

Call to Order and Role Call

Members in Attendance:

Craig Ruhland,  Chad Davis, Abby Landry, Daniel Sapp, Douglas Miller, Jared Hartman, Matt Holzencamp, Michael Welch, Natalie Arkfeld, Rachel Kelleher, Rick Houck, Scott Grainger, Jacker Henderson, Tom Tomaka, Matt Leach

Welcome Newly Elected Officers and Board Members 

  • BoD Nominations -2021 
    • Daniel Sapp, First Vice President 
    • Douglas Miller, Second Vice President
    • Rick Houck -At Large  
      • New members were voted in on January 6 by unanimous vote at a special meeting with Abby Landry, Natalie Arkfeld, Jared Hartman, Craig Ruhland, Chad David, Jack Henderson, Rick Houck

Committee Reports

Governance (Rick Houck):

  • Present Necessity of Working Committees