Pisgah Area SORBA Chapter Meeting – April 2021


Date: April 12, 2021

Time: 6:00p-7:30p

Location: Virtual via Google Meet

Call to Order and Role Call

BOD in attendance:  Jared Hartman, Natalie Arkfeld, Scott Grainger, Mike Gaffney, Doug Miller, Daniel Sapp, Michael Welch, Craig Ruhland, Rick Houck, Tom Tomaka, Abby Landry 

Committee Reports

Governance: (Rick Houck, Chair)

  • Discussion and Approval of 2021 Budget
    • This is the framework for how we spend money
    • Mike says that the fundraising budget should be increased
    • Pending grants should be highlighted in budget somehow?
    • This is only the first draft of the budget
    • Craig made a motion to approve the draft budget, Doug seconded and motion carries as unanimous
    • In the future, the BOD would like to review the budget at the start of the meeting
  • Discussion and Approval of financial policy document
    • Policy is intended to not let someone spend over a certain amount of money each month
    • Doug made a motion to approve financial policy document and Craig seconded, motion carries unanimously
  • Approval of redesigned PAS logo
    • Majority liked design number 4 from the email Rick sent
  • Update on Pisgah Area SORBA apparel from Cognative
    • 1st design (PNF) is up on website with shirts for sale
    • 2nd design is coming up soon</