Pisgah Area SORBA Chapter Meeting – June 2021


Date: July 12th, 2021

Time: 6:00p-7:30p

Location: Virtual via Google Meet

Attendees: Craig Ruhland, Daniel Sapp, Doug Miller, Natalie Arkfeld, Mike Gaffney, Chad Davis, Jamie Arkfeld, Abbi Fuesler, Matt Leach

Committee Reports


Rick would like to focus more on merchandising our new clothing using social media.

Should we provide access to Slack to anyone? Doug thinks that we should implement a policy that welcomes anyone who has a good reason to join Slack. No lurkers. Let the officers decide. Chad can let them in.

  • Apparel, Gear and Logo Design 
    • Clothing Timelines and Design 
      • Clothing Types, Sizes and Design 
    • Must Push the Apparel on Social Media
      • Who can lead this? 

Special Projects: 

  • Black Mountain Project Update ($125K Project) 
    • Project Payment Updates (Craig) 
      • Seems to be targeting September 1st opening 
      • April Invoice $22,122 (paid) 
      • May Invoice $24,546 (paid) 
      • June Invoice $26,334 (paid) 
      • We’ve paid ~$73K of the $124K total (60% paid) 
      • As of July 7th, they have 11,300 LF done of 15,000 LF 
      • By August 1, Shrimper may be ready to host a final walkthrough. We should mark punchlist items;  withhold 10% until we are happy with results; Craig won’t be available on Aug. 1st; Chad has the lead with the help of other trail