Pisgah Area SORBA Chapter Meeting – June 2021

Date: June 14th, 2021

Time: 6:00p-7:30p

Location: Virtual via Google Meet


Jon Lane, Jamie Arkfeld, Jared Hartman, Craig Ruhland, Roy Barlow, Natalie Arkfeld, Doug Miller, Robert McMahon, Stacey Mulligan, Rick Houck, Mike Gaffney

Call to Order and Roll Call 

Committee Reports

Governance: (Rick Houck, Chair)

  • Outline of the new Organization Manual completed and will be forwarded for review and comment by the committee chairs: pay special attention to processes for raffles and the RTP grants 
  • New Board Appointments and Elections 
    • Secretary Interim -Tom Tomaka 
    • At Large BoD Member -Stacey Mulligan 
    • Events Committee Chair -Abi Fuesler 
    • Membership Director -Sonya Tomes 
  • Apparel, Gear and Logo Design 
    • Positive feedback on the new logo 
    • Receive first $500 Payment from Cognitive for April/May
    • Ordered 400 stickers fromStick This!; cost @$.60, extra 100 for Austin to sell @$4; Discussion about selling stickers and patches. Generally, we won’t give them away; distribute some to TCLs and others for advertising purposes; Doug in favor of us leaving sticker sales to Cognitive, don’t sell them ourselves; our site links to Cognitive’s online store
    • Apparel: Austin rolling out Tshirts and gloves with new logo. Mud guards in a week or two
    • Announce new merch on social media (Jamie)
    • Rick working with Austin on additional designs