Pisgah Area SORBA Chapter Meeting – May 2022

Date: May 9th, 2022

Time: 6:00p-8:00p

Location: Virtual via Google Meet

Call to Order and Roll Call 

Attendees: Craig, Doug, Jared, Chad, Rebecca, Daniel, Abi, Mike, Stacey

Committee Reports

Governance: (Rick Houck, Chair)

  • Organization Manual
    • Keep (or start) working: committee chairs are responsible for updating their sections
  • Cognative Update
    • new “Pisgah” line being developed
    • Encourage your friends to buy from the Pisgah line to support PAS
  • Future Public Meeting Locations (in person)? Pisgah Conservancy speaking in June; Craig will look for possible locations; switch to Tuesdays?; which meetings should be open to public?

Special Projects:

  • Hiring Executive Director (Summary Per Abi/Doug) 
    • Recap
      • Craig, Doug and Abi are serving on this “Hiring Committee”
      • Outside Members Serving on Hiring Committee
        • Heather Wright, Industry Nine
        • Wes Dixon, Syca