We are all in this together!

Remember, we are all sharing the trails and we are all out there to enjoy ourselves.  Trail users in the region include mountain bikers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, horseback riders, trail runners and birdwatchers to name a few.  It turns out everyone wants to get out and enjoy nature and who can blame them.

We want to be sure to follow the rules of the trail, so as not to create any conflicts. We want to be able to enjoy continued access to all of the great riding our region has.  This means that we, as mountain bikers YIELD to everyone.  When you come upon another trail user, you need to make your presence known (a friendly “hello” or chiming of a bell works great!) and communicate that you are there.   Sometimes they will say – “HEY, come on by!”  If that is the case go for it, but don’t assume you can.

Remember, to a hiker you look pretty scary and they are not aware that you can control your speed and direction. Give people some room. Try to slow down and rule #1 is always BE NICE!